About us

SpareBank 1 Markets AS is a Norwegian investment bank within the SpareBank 1 alliance, the second largest group of banks in Norway with combined assets of over NOK 800 billion. We provide first-class research, financial advice, capital raising and stockbroking services, debt and fixed income products.

Through our collaboration with the SpareBank 1 alliance, we can offer a complete national capital structure service. With about 140 competent employees in our offices in Oslo, Trondheim, Stavanger, Ålesund and presence in New York, we cover all customer segments, from retail clients and small and medium-sized businesses to large listed companies and institutional investors.

SpareBank 1 Markets is owned by SpareBank 1 SMN (66,70 %), SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge (12,20 %), SpareBank 1 Østlandet (6,04 %), SpareBank 1 SR-Bank (5,56 %), Sparebank 1 Østfold Akershus (1,47 %), Sparebank 1 BV (1,47 %) og Sparebank 1 Ringerike Hadeland (1,47 %), and remaining shareholders (5,09 %).